Getting an entry-level job in accounting can be tough with intense competition, but it can be done. An entry-level accounting job is also known as a “Junior Accountant” job.

Many industries hire entry-level accountants, such as government, regular businesses, CPA firms, and nonprofit organizations. There are opportunities out there, but you need to have accounting knowledge either by education or experience.


1. The most common way for prospective employees and employers to meet up is on line these days. There are many job sites with accounting jobs, such as or

Besides the big boards, also check out websites of associations and societies in the industry or field you’re interested in. Many have free job banks that you don’t need to be a member to apply to. You can also post your resume at your local society of CPAs website and others like that.

2. Network. Get to know people who can hire you or who can help you in your job search. Attend meetings of local accounting societies as a guest or a student. Join organizations that can help you in your career.

You may meet accounting managers and controllers who you may use as references in your job search. Check out the Professional Accounting Society of America, where you can join for free.

Most CPA Societies offer discounted rates for students or professionals with little experience.

Tell your neighbors and friends that you’re looking for an accounting position. You never know who knows who and can land you an entry-level job. Read the rest of this entry »

Elementary school art standards help educators meet criteria in the visual arts for young children. Elementary students are budding creatively, and art standards help teachers create lesson plans to encourage their skills.

Content standards utilize a variety of media, such as drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Each U.S. state has its own set of arts standards.

Also, National Standards for Arts Education were adopted in 1994, according to the Kennedy Center.


The first National Content Standard is to understand and apply media, techniques and processes. This means elementary aged students will learn to understand the difference between materials and how to use them.

Kids will also gain a respect for art materials along with the art room or work area. Children will experiment with various art materials and complete lessons that encourage their respect and understanding.


The second National Content Standard for the Visual Arts encourages using knowledge of structures and functions. Elementary school students learn that they can express themselves through art, and how to use art to communicate with others.

Creating self-portraits, learning about colors and lines that create emotions and sharing artworks with others are part of this National Standard.

Exploring Creativity

National Content Standard three is about choosing and evaluating a variety of subject matter, ideas and symbols in the visual arts.

Elementary aged children are encouraged through art lessons to explore their creativity and try new art materials and ideas. Such art activities will encourage children to learn more about themselves and their artwork.

History and Culture

For the fourth National Content Standard, children explore the world around them through art, and learn how the arts connect and relate to history and cultures.

Educators encourage children’s understanding of history by introducing historical artists and artworks along with cultural art and styles. Read the rest of this entry »

Communication in secondary schools can demand a multiple focus. To identify the most advantageous communication needs and processes means understanding the goals.

Many times parents meeting with secondary school teachers promotes a confused situation where communication simply does not occur in a helpful form due to the cross currents of differing agendas.

Using technology to solve and create advantages and promote healthy communication on all levels is currently being studied.


To discover the advantages of increasing the communication skills of students and teachers cannot be underestimated. The best advantages have been discovered through training students by helping focus and build their communication skills.

According to a recent symposium on diffusing communication into the secondary school system, the advantages of training students in this manner include extending and developing the school communication programs, developing leadership qualities and skills for students, providing alternative teaching strategies for teachers and allowing students to experience small group discussions in a variety of contexts.

When a study was conducted on the effectiveness of parent-teacher conferences for secondary students, it was discovered that very little useful communication was occurring in these meetings.

Both the teacher and the parent had very differing agendas, and the student is often not expected to be present. In this setting, the rules of engagement and roles of participants are confused, often exacerbated by logistical constraints and the growing autonomy of the student.

A new life has been breathed in the field of learning with the new book “Emotionally Charged Learning”. The book is a revolution in making as it explores the innumerable ways in which education and entertainment can be brought together to achieve the highest degree of excellence.

The book got a warm and welcome reception as it was applauded by readers and critics. In this book, Eric Schiffer explored new ways of imparting lessons. He revolutionized the management concepts as he backed up his idea with strong scientific research and findings.

In his book, the major emphasis has been put primarily on the importance of emotion. The book that depicts the emotion of an individual plays a critical role as far as inculcating lessons are concerned. The organizations and big companies can benefit the most from the lessons as they could use the ideas to motivate their employees and ensure that they give their best for the organization and thereby aid in its progress.

The book created a furor as Eric Schiffer put forth radical and ideas that were never thought before. The fact that all the findings and ideas have been backed with scientific result and proof has further added to the discussion. The opinion that is expressed stresses that learners should be given the right source of entertainment as well because as long as learning is not related to fun, the fruits of productivity would not be reaped. The fact that he mingled education, learning and entertainment in one bowl has led to a lot of confusion and discussion. However, the book smartly proves its point and this is the reason “Emotionally Charged Learning” has managed to emerge as one of the finest books.

The art of writing and explaining the details is perfectly fluent as the ideas smoothly flow from one page to another. One can find the right build up of lessons and the ease and fluency with which it is explained makes this book a must read. A lot of management professionals who have been working in this sector have benefitted tremendously from this book as they could see the change that must be brought in order to ensure that you can have the best benefits.

So, the right thing to do is to accept that the new ideals are proficient and efficient. When the changed dynamics of management are implemented, one is sure to appreciate the increase in learning efficiency.

Potential photographers need to attend the best photography school they can in order to have a successful career. Why? There are fewer photography jobs today and intense competition for the jobs that are available. Anyone with top-notch training will have a definite advantage. While you may feel limited by the photography schools near your home, you need to consider how investing in your education, even if it means moving, will benefit you in your career later on.

While photography will never go away as a career, the widespread use of video making equipment and digital cameras among the general public means there are fewer basic photography jobs available. Photographers today need to be highly skilled and highly creative to work in the industry now as people are doing basic photography themselves. The best photography school can teach you how the industry has changed and how to adapt to the changing industry needs. For example, digital images for online media outlets are replacing traditional newspaper print photography.

Like every industry, those who start out with the best photography training have a definite advantage when it comes to landing a good job. The job market is not what it used to be and you’ll need every advantage to compete in today’s job market.  Only the best education can give you this advantage right from the start.

There is no doubt that massage therapy salaries can be quite high. What we now know is that massage can be beneficial in relieving stress, and can help with a number of different medical conditions. The demand for qualified massage therapists is quite high, and there are no signs to indicate any coming decline in this demand. Those who have any interested in massage as a career are encouraged to act now.

Your skills will certainly factor into your salary. Skills will include your previous experience and your education. These will be the only things that a potential employer will be able to base their hiring decision on. If your resume features an associated degree, chances are that you will stand a much higher chance of being hired. This should hold true even if you do not yet have any experience in this field. Age is not relevant in these careers, as the focus is mainly placed on what you skills are.

The trend in massage therapy salaries is on the way up. As the benefits of massage become even more widely known, there is little doubt that the demand for qualified therapists will continue to rise. This is very important, as many other careers are being phased out during these tough economic times. Finding a career that offers room for growth is highly advisable.

Nursing jobs can be considered as among the most stable professions in the health sector.  This is because the services of nurses are always needed.  You can start your career as a registered nurse (RN) and slowly progress into a licensed practical nurse (LPN).  When you want to become an LPN you need to pass the MSN degree.  The degree allows you to practice in specialized medical area where you can certainly enjoy increased salary and other benefits.

There are quite a number of different nursing jobs for you to apply.  The CRNA is a job opportunity that can provide you with promising salaries and benefits.  Your job is to administer anaesthesia related to surgeries. You need to have a degree in science and start your career by being an RN for at least a whole year.  Make sure you gather enough experience related to anaesthesia.  You also need to take some related tests.  When you have completed all these things, you can secure a job as a CRNA with salaries amounting to more than $125,000 per year.

Other lucrative nursing jobs may include nursing research.  Many people who got this position came from non-clinical posts in the nursing sector.  Your salary will be around $100k per annum.  Your job may include doing analysis and preparing reports with the findings that you find from your research.

Como dijo Frank Turner en una de sus escrituras, «Una universidad, se debe aclarar, como implican sus nombres profesa a enseñar conocimientos universales.» (Turner, 1902) Es inútil estudiar cosas que no puedes compartir con los otros porque no hay posibilidad de profundizar los conocimientos. Si todo el mundo tiene la misma experiencia acerca la misma cosa, pues un hecho está reforzado.

Pero para que el aprendizaje sea personal, los aprendices aprenden los conocimientos en entornos locales. Aunque estudiamos la misma historia de Roma, cada aprendiz lo entiende en el contexto de su historia local. Claro que un filipino que estudia los sucesos del Egipto antiguo no la compara a los sucesos de la historia de Francia.

En realidad, es fácil hacerlo en situaciones homogéneas. Por ejemplo, los países latinoamericanos comparten muchas cosas en la historia. Pero en situaciones heterogéneas, como en una universidad por internet, podamos tener un problema. Una clase virtual puede tener estudiantes de los 7 continentes al mismo tiempo. Sin duda, es una pesadilla para los profesores.

No importa el grado de nacionalismo de los profesores, hay que aceptar que es necesario saber cosas de importancia internacional. De hecho, no es una cosa nueva. Ya en las edades medias, un conocimiento de los asuntos de los otros países es una señal de cultura. Es necesario saber más de una lengua para ser considerado «culto». Y la globalización que tenemos ahora es solo una continuación.

Es necesario aceptar que el papel de los profesores ha cambiado. Hoy, los profesores no son los solos recursos de los estudiantes. La red hace que los conocimientos sean disponibles para un público más amplio. Entonces, el profesor tiene que enseñar los aprendices como encontrar los conocimientos. Es necesario enseñar los estudiantes a tamizar los conocimientos.

Si tengamos éxito en enseñar los estudiantes la belleza en la diversidad, la distinción entre los estudiantes se convertirán en una ventaja. Si los estudiantes saben variaciones, pueden entender más profundamente las cosas del mundo.