Every November, families across the country gather around the table and give thanks while partaking in a tasty turkey dinner. As this holiday approaches, teachers can get students in the mood for the feast by engaging them in Thanksgiving and turkey-themed lessons.

There are an assortment of turkey-related bulletin boards that teachers can create. These bulletin boards serve both as decoration for the classroom and as an opportunity for students to reflect and learn.

Alphabet Turkeys

Use the upcoming holiday as an opportunity for students to practice their ABC skills by creating an “Alphabet Turkeys” bulletin board. To make this bulletin board, create cutouts of turkey bodies without their attractive plumage attached.

Using colored construction paper, make feather cutouts to attach to each bird. Label each bird with a letter, and place the naked birds on the class bulletin board.

When students arrive in class, provide them with the cutout feathers. Tell the students that their job is to dress the turkey up so that he doesn’t get cold as the temperature drops.

To dress their birds, they must write words that begin with the bird’s letter on feathers, and attach these features to the bird. Assign each student a bird, or allow students to work in groups, with each group focusing on a collection of birds. Allow students to write words and dress their bulletin board birds.

Thankful Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon the good things that we have. Allow your students to follow the example of the thankful turkey, and explain what they are thankful for. To create this bulletin board, make a large turkey cutout.

Place the cutout in the center of the board. Using white paper, create a speech bubble, and position it so that it comes out of the turkey’s mouth. Write something that the turkey might be thankful for on the speech bubble.

You could write something simple like, “I am thankful for friends and family” or something humorous like, “I am thankful to be on this board, and not the Thanksgiving table.” Create smaller turkey cutouts using construction paper.

Using student photos, replace the turkeys’ faces with the faces of your students. Staple these student birds on the board.

When students arrive in class, provide them with white speech bubbles. Ask each student to write something that he is thankful for. Allow the students to staple their speech bubbles next to their turkey to demonstrate their gratitude.

Turkey Day Cartoons

Infuse some humor into Thanksgiving through the creation of a “Turkey Day Cartoons” bulletin board. To create this bulletin board, enlist students in the drawing of turkey day cartoons.

Provide students with blank cartoon grids, and ask them to fill the panels with a turkey-themed comic strip. Encourage students to create a funny strip, but explain to them that it is OK if they are not able to come up with a humorous scene.

Allow students to color their strips and place them on the classroom bulletin board. To add excitement to the activity, allow students to vote for the best turkey comic strip, and award the winner with a special prize.

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