In a class assembly, students and their teachers come together to learn about or reflect on a particular issue. For teachers, this is an opportunity to educate, raise awareness and evaluate how the class is doing, while students discover and learn about something new or important.

Class assemblies do not need to be complex or academic. In fact, they offer the chance to teach students about social issues and annual celebrations.

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Bullying is an issue that affects many children during their school education. Raising awareness of this subject is suitable for a class assembly and is relevant to every age group.

The aim of this assembly is to tell a teacher if students are, or somebody they know, is being bullied.

Begin by brainstorming the word ‘bullying’ on the chalkboard and the different types of bullying that exist, such as physical and verbal bullying.

Next, the main presentation is an opportunity for the teacher to expand on the brainstorming session and educate students on the school policy for bullying and sources of help and advice around school. Finally, quiz pupils on the main points to check their understanding.

Environmental Assembly

Raising awareness of environmental issues is another option for a class assembly. Teaching children about the importance of recycling, for example, is one area particularly suitable for a class assembly.

Brainstorm the word “recycling” on the chalkboard and ask how many children recycle at home. The aim of the teacher’s presentation is to teach children what materials can be recycled and the importance of recycling.

To demonstrate, teachers can ask each student to bring one small bag of clean waste from home. Empty one bag and ask students to identify the recyclable materials and where to recycle them. As a follow-up project, ask students to recycle five items each day for one week.

Veteran’s Day Assembly

Held each year on November 11, Veteran’s Day is another topic idea for a class assembly. The aim of the assembly is to raise awareness and understanding of the sacrifices that veterans and their families have made for the country. If possible, begin the assembly with a flag-raising ceremony outside of school, accompanied by the Pledge of Allegiance.

For the main part of the assembly, invite a local veteran to class for a question and answer session about his or her experiences. Alternatively, have the class write personal notes or cards and send them to hospitalized veterans. Finish with a moment of silent reflection.

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