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Communication in secondary schools can demand a multiple focus. To identify the most advantageous communication needs and processes means understanding the goals.

Many times parents meeting with secondary school teachers promotes a confused situation where communication simply does not occur in a helpful form due to the cross currents of differing agendas.

Using technology to solve and create advantages and promote healthy communication on all levels is currently being studied.


To discover the advantages of increasing the communication skills of students and teachers cannot be underestimated. The best advantages have been discovered through training students by helping focus and build their communication skills.

According to a recent symposium on diffusing communication into the secondary school system, the advantages of training students in this manner include extending and developing the school communication programs, developing leadership qualities and skills for students, providing alternative teaching strategies for teachers and allowing students to experience small group discussions in a variety of contexts.

When a study was conducted on the effectiveness of parent-teacher conferences for secondary students, it was discovered that very little useful communication was occurring in these meetings.

Both the teacher and the parent had very differing agendas, and the student is often not expected to be present. In this setting, the rules of engagement and roles of participants are confused, often exacerbated by logistical constraints and the growing autonomy of the student.